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  iMarket Member Advertising Program  

Your opinions will help build a better program.
We are currently developing our iMarket Member advertising options to meet the needs of you, our advertisers. Any information that you provide will help us to build affordable and effective ad programs to drive more customers to your website.

You can provide us with as many of your opinions as you would like.
Every little bit matters.
We will notify you when we get closer to the launch of our new programs.

Thank You in advance,
The Staff @ InternetMarket.Org

iMarket Member Feedback & Notification

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Your Name:  

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Your Website Address:  

Type of program you would be interested in:  
  -Pay Per Visitor
-Monthly Listing
-Quarterly Listing
-Yearly Listing

Listing format you would prefer:  
  -Flat Rate: First Come, First Listing
-Bidded System: Highest Payer, Highest Listed

Categories Related to Your Site:    (check all that apply)
Clothing & Accessories

Computers & Electronics


Gifts & Food
-Special Occasions

-Diet & Nutrition
-Drugs & Vitamins
-Medical Supplies
-Mens Health
-Mental Health
-Mobility Aids
-Seniors Health
-Womens Health

Home & Garden
-Home Decor
-Home Security
-Office Furniture

Toys & Games

-Careers & Jobs
-Classified Ads
-Fund Raising
-Internet Filters
-Legal & Law
-Personal Ads
-Real Estate

Sports & Recreation
-Fantasy Sports
-Self Defense

-Parts & Accessories


Would you like to be notified when we launch our iMarket Member programs:
  -Yes, please notify me.
-No thank you, do not notify me.

Any information that you provide will be used for the development of our advertising programs and to notify you when these programs launch. Your information will not be sold or redistributed to any other party for any reason.

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